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City of Saint John updates Traffic By-law and wants road users to be aware


The City of Saint John has a Traffic By-law that regulates vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the City. Items covered within the by-law include parking restrictions, traffic flow regulations, school zones, truck routes and restrictions, buses, speed limits, pedestrian restricted areas, prohibited left and right turns, winter tires, parking permits, offenses, penalties, enforcement authorities and other regulations. 

Sections of the Traffic By-law have been updated, and an uncertified copy can be found on the City’s website. Motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists should familiarize themselves with the new regulations as well as the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) and other relevant regulations. The by-law is enforced by City of Saint John By-law Enforcement Officers and members of the Saint John Police Force. Where required, on-street signage will be updated to reflect the by-law changes. 

The following is an overview of the changes to the City’s Traffic By-Law:

References to regulating traffic on Provincial Highways have been removed in the by-law unless specifically endorsed by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles;
Regulations that duplicate those already defined in the MVA have been removed from the by-law, such as parking within three metres of a driveway (because the MVA already prohibits parking in front of a driveway);
Some definitions have been aligned with the MVA such as the change in the definition of a truck to one with a “gross mass of 4,500 kilograms”;
Use of one type of “alternate side parking” is being implemented.  The semi-monthly type used in the South Central Peninsula will now be used in other parts of the City currently with daily alternate side parking signs;
Introduction of a volunteer and reserved parking spaces program;
Clear identification of taxi-stand parking spaces;
Introduction of Ready Street as a truck route to help alleviate the impacts of truck traffic on residents of Harding Street West (note truck drivers should choose Ready Street or Harding Street West depending on how their particular truck can safely navigate either street);
Clarification of Samuel Davis Drive being a truck route and clarification of the limits of the truck route on Churchill Boulevard; 
Inclusion of four additional 15-minute parking spaces on King Square South; and
Various housekeeping items.

If you have any questions about the Traffic By-Law, contact the City through email or by calling 658-4455. 

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