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City’s Garbage and Compost Collection Operators Get a Helping Hand


City of Saint John Garbage and Compost Collection operators are now using a “Helping-Hand®” whenever possible, to collect residential compost and solid waste. Two new trucks are equipped with an automated arm technology with another two trucks expected to join the fleet soon.

The automated arm retrieves garbage or compost carts and disposes the contents into the truck, saving time and protecting operators from injury. In order for the arm to be used effectively, operators are asking solid waste customers to correctly position their compost carts and garbage carts.

The best location for your cart is at the edge of your driveway. The wheels must be facing the house and the lid must be closed but not secured.  Ensure that the cart is at least an arm’s length away from other objects such as bags of garbage or a car. The image below demonstrates how to appropriate place your cart at the curb.

cart-placement Park It – Be sure your compost cart and garbage are in place by 7:30 a.m. for daytime collection, and by 9:00 p.m. for nighttime collection.

Point it – Point the lid opening towards the middle of the street and the wheels toward your home.

Space it – Leave at least an arm’s length between your cart and other objects (garbage, cars, etc.)

Unsecure it – Remove any fasteners or cords used to secure the lid shut. 

The City of Saint John appreciates the cooperation of its customers as we continue to improve service efficiencies for garbage and compost collection.

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