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City committed to sidewalk service


The City of Saint John’s Winter Management Plan sets out the goal of servicing 60 percent of the City’s sidewalks. That may mean that a sidewalk in your neighbourhood is not plowed, but it allows key sidewalks to receive the servicing required to remain safe and functional.

The sidewalks plowed are chosen strategically. The 14 sidewalk plowing routes strive to maximize the ability of pedestrians to get around, and include high-traffic sidewalks serving bus stops, businesses, schools and other institutions. The routes are designed to maintain the continuity of connecting sidewalks. While only one side of a street may have a cleared sidewalk, that sidewalk provides a connection for pedestrians.

“Major bus stops are a factor in choosing which sidewalks are cleared,” explains Tim O’Reilly, Manager of Traffic and Pedestrian Services. “Pedestrians may have to use a street to get to their nearest plowed sidewalk, but it would only be in areas where there is little traffic posing a risk to people walking.”

The City of Saint John spends approximately $885,000 per year on sidewalk snow and ice control each year. Routes are plowed through storms, and then maintenance work is performed after storms for sidewalks to meet servicing objectives. That means sidewalks have a walking surface with traction, but are not necessarily bare.

“We could not manage clearing every sidewalk in Saint John,” explains Kevin Rice, Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Operations. “We would have to maintain nearly 400 kilometers of sidewalk. Even at 60 percent, we’re maintaining over 240 kilometers of sidewalk for our citizens.”

Citizens can help by maintaining a sidewalk in front of their property.

To learn more about the City of Saint John’s Winter Management Plan, visit saintjohn.ca/winter.
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