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City crews make progress cleaning up trees and branches


Warmer weather earlier this month enabled crews from the City’s Parks and Landscape Service to accelerate the clean-up of trees and branches that were downed and damaged from December’s ice storm on public right of ways and parks.

Crews have inspected trees along street right of ways and in City parks and squares. Crews have prioritized the necessary work based on hazards – trees or large branches that represent a risk to public safety or property.  The work of removing the greatest hazards is expected to continue for a few weeks. Where possible, crews are working to save trees in City parks by cabling or other means.

The speed of the clean-up will depend on the amount of snowfall and inclement weather.  It may be into the summertime until all of the clean-up can be completed. Citizens are asked for patience while these efforts continue.

Residents can continue to report hazardous debris on roads, sidewalks or parks to the City at 658-2908. Hazards involving power lines should be reported to Saint John Energy at 658-5252.

Residents who are cleaning up their own properties are advised that in some instances branches can be put out on compost collection day:

•    Branches can be broken up and placed into the green compost bins. The compost bins tops must be closed without branches sticking out.
•    Branches no more than two feet in diameter can be bundled/tied into less than four foot lengths.

The Parks and City Landscape Service provides access to parks and open green spaces for the recreational and leisure pursuits of citizens and visitors.  City staff work year round to develop, operate and maintain all community parks, squares, trails and tourist sites, coordinate urban forestry operations and initiatives, and preserve and protect of our natural areas. In 2013, in addition to scheduled activities crews responded to over 260 requests for service for tree removal or maintenance.

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