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City crews prepared for storm activity


With the weather forecast showing storm activity across parts of the province, City crews are prepared for any inclement weather that may move through our area.

The safety of our citizens remains our number one priority, and City staff will work within the Winter Management Plan to meet the established service objectives. In the event of snow fall, major arteries, highway connections and emergency routes will be cleared constantly, and major bus routes, and streets connecting schools, community centres and business districts will be the second priority.

Residents are reminded to look out for one another and use extra caution on roads and sidewalks across the City that may be covered in water, ice or snow. When parking, motorists are encouraged to take advantage of available off-street parking, where possible.

Residents and private snow removal contractors are asked to be mindful of the fire hydrants and not cover them with snow and ice when clearing roadways, driveways and parking lots. Those who have a fire hydrant on or near their property are encouraged to take a few minutes to help clear away the snow so it remains visible in the event of an emergency.

Any questions about the City’s Winter Management Plan, including plowing, should be directed to Municipal Operations at 658-4455.

For notifications about snow bans and other City news, residents are encouraged to sign up for email alerts on the City’s website, visit www.saintjohn.ca, listen to local radio stations, or call the City’s automated snow ban parking information line at 658-4040.

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