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City Investigates Cause of Elevated Carbon Monoxide Levels at Gorman Arena


Officials from the City of Saint John are conducting a comprehensive accident investigation after the Gorman Arena evacuated Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, the Arena Attendant at the Gorman Arena received a call from a user inquiring about air quality.  He indicated that he and several teammates, who used the arena Saturday night, had experienced flu-like symptoms. After the call, the Arena  Attendant used a hand-held device to test air quality and detected  elevated levels of carbon monoxide (readings of up to 67 ppm). The attendant immediately evacuated the building and notified management staff and the City of Saint John’s Safety Officer. The rink was ventilated and programming was cancelled for the rest of the day. Carbon monoxide levels were monitored until they returned to normal levels.

On Monday, the natural gas-fired boilers were checked and no leaks or malfunctions were detected.  The ice re-surfacer was pulled from service and tested for emissions but the results were within industry standards.  Since this incident other arenas have also been checked and regularly monitored for carbon monoxide levels and the ice re-surfacers checked.  At this point in time the source of the emissions has not been positively identified.  The investigation into this incident continues, and more information will be provided as it becomes available. 

For more information about occupational limits for carbon monoxide or possible health effects see:

For more information please contact Ray Walsh, Operations Manager for Sport & Recreational Facilities or Michael Hugenholtz, Deputy Commissioner of Transportation & Environment Services at 658-2908.

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