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City of Saint John preparing for Hurricane Earl


Over 15 representatives from various City departments and other agencies who make up the Saint John EMO partnership met today. Preparations are underway including:

  • Generators and back-ups are fueled and prepared at all buildings and facilities
  • Supplies such as sand bags and barricades have been inventoried and readied
  • Two response trucks have been equipped with barricades, signs and equipment for immediate deployment to flooded if necessary
  • Basin and outfalls have been cleared in known trouble spots
  • All City vehicles are fueled
  • The new vacuum truck is available
  • Drainage basins Milford have been flushed
  • Extra ditching in Glen Falls has been completed
  • Pumps at waste water facilities have been tested and crews are cleaning debris screens at waste water facilities
  • City crews are securing potential hazards at City buildings and facilities
  • Chlorine levels have been increased in anticipation of turbidity (water levels at City facilities are low)
  • A “tree” crew is on standby to remove any debris from fallen trees
  • Reserve equipment, including pumps,  at the Saint John Fire Department is on standby
  • All departments are ensuring the staffing levels will be adequate
  • EMO command post is ready to be deployed post-storm
  • The Saint John Harbour Bridge Authority is securing construction materials on the bridge
  • Saint John Energy crews are being prepared to handle power outages

Citizens are advised to prepare themselves. For more information visit www.getprepared.ca.

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