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City of Saint John takes first step towards an open data pilot project


The City of Saint John is pleased to announce the launch of a Pilot Open Data Portal on www.saintjohn.ca. The launch of the pilot portal is a response to a resolution of Common Council, and represents the City’s first step forward with a broader open data initiative. The objectives of the open data initiative are to: provide information to our citizens; improve our City and region’s quality of life; and foster new community-based economic development opportunities. 

With the launch the this pilot portal, the City has made over 80 geo-spatial data sets available to the public, free of charge, and through the use of existing City technologies and resources (see the FAQ section to find out what software is required to view the datasets). Next steps in the development of the portal will focus on collecting user feedback; identifying value-added data sets from municipal planning, public safety, economic development, energy and utilities, recreation, and financial information; and evaluating the need for potential requirements for new technologies and resources.  

The portal site includes a request and feedback form. Visitors are encouraged to help identify possible future datasets, and provide feedback on the pilot site through the online request and feedback form. City staff will collect the feedback and report to Council in early 2016 with respect to a permanent open data initiative.

For more information, see the Report to Common Council

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