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City prepares for Hurricane Earl


As Hurricane Earl approaches New Brunswick, with landfall expected Saturday morning, the City of Saint John reminds its citizens to prepare for the possibility of power outages and flooding as a result of the storm.

Citizens are advised to check catch basins or ditches on or near their property for debris, and to remove belongings from any areas that may experience flooding. City crews have been preparing for the oncoming storm by cleaning and securing all construction sites. As well, crews have been checking culverts and drains in preparation for a heavy rainfall.

Citizens in affected areas can help by keeping an eye on the grates and clearing debris that accumulates during a rainstorm. As well, secure any items stored outside, or put them inside to prevent damage or loss.

If localized flooding occurs, an advisory will be issued outlining any road closures. Check saintjohn.ca and stayed tuned to your radio for updates.  Residents are advised to use caution when driving and to observe all barricades and road closures. Police will ticket drivers driving on closed roads. Driving through flood waters can increase damage to homes in the area. Police will be monitoring any flooded roads and taking appropriate measures, including enforcement to ensure compliance with barricades and/or traffic signs, and obeying police officers signals.

Saint John Water will be monitoring turbidity levels in the drinking water which could increase due to high winds and heavy rain. In addition they will be closely monitoring wastewater collection systems and wastewater lift stations.

Saint John Energy will have storm crews ready, and will be meeting Friday morning with NB Power to discuss mutual aid. As well, City of Saint John Leisure Services will have tree crews available to deal with any fallen trees.

Construction crews are cleaning up all loose objects on the Saint John Harbour Bridge related to construction, and will be securing the construction site for the storm.

Citizens are reminded to stay away from the shorelines and beaches for their own safety. High winds can cause heavy wave action and unpredictable currents, as well as erosion.

The Saint John Emergency Management Organization has been in contact with Environment Canada as Hurricane Earl has made its way up the Eastern seaboard. The City of Saint John’s departments and partner agencies receive regular updates as the storm progresses. As a reminder to citizens, EMO officials suggest to have enough emergency supplies on hand to last 72 hours.

For more on Hurricane Earl, and how you can prepare for the storm, visit:

•             72-Hour Emergency Guide website: www.getprepared.ca

•             Local weather conditions and forecasts : www.weatheroffice.gc.ca

•             Bulletins from the Canadian Hurricane Centre: www.ns.ec.gc.ca/weather/hurricane

•             New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization website:www.gnb.ca/emo

To report flooding or other damage to City infrastructure, or if you require assistance due to flooding, please call 658-4455. For all other emergencies, please call 911.

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