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City Responds to Storm


City crews are working to ensure public safety and access to each street in a reasonable manner in response to Wednesday night’s storm.

Crews are focusing on to providing safe access for Priority 1 and 2 routes (emergency routes, major arterials, major bus routes, schools, community centres and commercial districts).

Priority 3 (collector streets, minor bus routes, industrial parks) streets should be clear to bare pavement on the centre lanes by 12 a.m. Bare pavement at the centre line means that the main part of the street is clear of snow and ice.

Priority 4 (local and subdivision) streets should be accessible with snow pack by 12 a.m. to meet the primary service objective laid out in the plan.

“We appreciate the cooperation of the community,” said Kevin Rice, Deputy Commissioner of Transportation and Environment Services. “Many people kept their cars off of streets allowing us to be much more efficient at plowing.”

Residents are reminded that beginning December 1, on-street parking is not allowed on most City streets from midnight until 7 am.

Keep Snow Below
Residents can help keep fire hydrants clear during heavy snowfall periods 

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