City Wins Two Premier’s Energy Efficiency Awards


The fifth annual Premier's Awards for Energy Efficiency were presented to 13 recipients by Premier David Alward in Fredericton on Thursday May 9.
The awards were developed by Efficiency NB to recognize innovation and leadership in energy efficiency in New Brunswick.
“This year's award recipients are great champions of energy efficiency who play a leadership role in helping our province achieve our climate change goals,” he said. “Their efforts also contribute to our plan for rebuilding New Brunswick's economy and adding jobs in our communities.”

The City of Saint John won two awards: Outstanding Energy Efficiency Project Award, Commercial New Construction for One Peel Plaza and Energy Efficiency Champion, Individual, Samir Yammine, Energy Manager, City of Saint John

Samir Yammine, Energy Efficiency Champion, Individual

Mr. Yammine has been the City’s energy manager since 1998. In 1997, the City was the first in the Maritime Provinces to adopt a Municipal Energy Efficiency Program (MEEP) - an environmental and fiscal code, which Mr. Yammine implemented in 1999, to enormous success. Samir has leveraged energy audits, incentives, and energy plans through Efficiency NB’s commercial buildings programs and the Municipal Energy Efficiency Program to make drastic reductions in energy consumption and achieve accelerated investment periods for the City.

As of 2011, the projects championed by Mr. Yammine have resulted in annual energy savings of $1.8 million, a 16 per cent energy use reduction and have decreased greenhouse gas emissions by 6,200 tonnes – the equivalent of removing 1,172 cars off the road for one year. These projects have also won the City of Saint John many national and regional awards. Samir‘s work with the City has ‘made energy visible’ through the installation of public real-time displays that demonstrate energy savings.
In addition to other municipalities, Samir reaches out to industry, educational and non-profit organizations – JD Irving Limited, Saint John Non-Profit Housing, the Imperial Theatre, the University of New Brunswick –Saint John, Town of Quispamsis, the cities of Fredericton and Moncton and the Saint John Aquatic Centre—to assist them in implementing energy efficiency projects.

Thanks to Mr. Yammine's work, the City of Saint John has become a national leader in municipal energy efficiency, reducing total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, helping other municipalities and business sectors and raising awareness of  energy efficiency. Mr. Yammine's work demonstrates outstanding dedication and commitment to energy efficiency in New Brunswick, at the City of Saint John and as a part of his lifestyle.

One Peel Plaza
One Peel Plaza was chosen for a Premier’s Awards for Energy Efficiency as the best performer in Efficiency NB’s Start Smart New Commercial Buildings Incentive program with the highest annual energy savings performance of all new commercial buildings in the program in 2012. The building has modelled to perform 65.5 per cent better than the Model National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 1997, a widely used reference point for building performance in Canada, making it among the highest performing buildings in the country.

Within its three levels the police facility contains administrative spaces, a detention area, interview rooms, laboratories, a shoot house and various other spaces.

Very high levels of insulation in the walls and roof have resulted in a high performance building envelope. Two natural gas condensing boilers provide the primary heat source through a distributed heat pump water loop with 100 per cent outdoor air ventilation systems. The building also incorporates in-floor heating, an abundance of natural light, energy efficient lighting and the extensive use of occupancy sensors to ensure lights go off when rooms are unoccupied.

In order to meet the heating and cooling needs of the building a “smart control system” ensures the integration and optimization of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and minimizes energy waste. Energy recovery ventilators and variable frequency drives on all fans and pumps also help save energy.

Monitoring and verification of the building’s performance is very important according to City of Saint John Energy Manager, Samir Yammine, who relies on gas, electric and water submeters to collect energy data. “We can analyze the data 24 hours a day and use it to help us make smart decisions on how to optimize energy savings,” Yammine says. This real-time data helps them detect problems immediately and take timely measures to ensure they achieve the projected annual energy savings target of $175,000 as well as the targeted annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 650 tonnes.

The Saint John Police Headquarters received $60,000 in incentives from Efficiency NB and $11 million in loans and grants from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund.

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