City of Saint John wins Milton F. Gregg Conservation Award


Saint John – The City of Saint John’s Sustainable Energy Management Team is the recipient of the Conservation Council’s Milton F. Gregg Conservation Award for 2010.

The Milton F. Gregg Conservation Awards have been given annually to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the improvement of the New Brunswick environment since 1980. The award is given in memory of the Hon. Milton F. Gregg who had a distinguished career serving his country overseas and in Parliament. On his retirement, he joined the Conservation Council in 1969 as he had become concerned about a number of environmental issues, notably the pollution of the Saint John River.

“The determination, commitment and creativity of your team to reduce energy use and utilize renewable energy in the City of Saint John makes your team more than deserving of the modest recognition the Conservation Council can provide with this award,” wrote David Coon, executive director of the Conversation Council.

The City of Saint John’s Sustainable Energy Management Team’s mission is to ensure that the City of Saint John is taking leadership in terms of sustainable energy by implementing and managing sustainable energy policies and measures, with the goal of reducing green house gas emissions, reducing energy costs, and improving the efficiency of the City’s infrastructure.

The Sustainable Energy Management Team isn’t focused solely on City operations. The policies and measures are also intended to affect the wider community. For instance, Brunswick Square, St. Joseph’s Hospital and other public buildings will be part of the district energy project, which takes thermal energy that’s a by-product of industry and turns it into an efficient way to heat buildings.

Other projects of the team are the Municipal Energy Efficiency Program, which reduced the City’s energy costs by $1.4 million in 2009 and cut 7,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The Conservation Council will present the Milton F. Gregg Award to the City of Saint John on April 17, 2010 at St. Thomas University.

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