Council Adopts Priorities


Saint John Common Council has set the priorities for their 2016-2020 term.

The priorities -- Growth and Prosperity, Vibrant and Safe City, Valued Service Delivery and Fiscally Responsible -- were developed through a number of workshops using input from the Ipsos Ried Citizens Survey, the PinIT sessions, a citizen and employee online survey,  and a number of focus groups and context setting sessions focusing on financial and service initiatives.

Each priority includes a statement that illustrates the goal that Council hopes to achieve for that priority by the end of their term in 2020. 

"Our priorities certainly reflect what we heard from the public and will guide us in our decision making for our term," said Mayor Don Darling. "Staff will now take these priorities and develop work plans around them. I look forward to seeing the results."


2016-2020 Council Priorities 

Ipsos Reid Results

Engagement Results



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