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Crews are assessing damage caused by Hurricane Dorian / Coordinated clean-up efforts have begun / The public is reminded to stay safe


A number of areas across the City sustained damage from fallen trees, power lines and poles, communication lines and other infrastructure last night. Crews from various agencies are working in the field on the recovery effort today, and will continue with this effort throughout the coming days. The SJ-EMO is now at a Level 1 – Enhanced Monitoring status as this work gets underway.

The City has received reports of people trying to salvaging fallen trees off City roads, and in parks/squares. While we understand and can appreciate the motivation to want to do this, it presents a serious risk as some of the trees remain tangled in power lines or are leaning on lines or other trees, etc. There remains a risk of electrocution or  injury from a falling trees or limb. Delimbing of fallen trees is a process that, if not done correctly, will impact the City’s ability to remove the tree in a safe and timely fashion. For your safety and that or our crews’, we ask the public to not approach or remove any fallen City trees.

The City recognizes the deep historical relevance and significance of the trees in King’s Square, and other areas of the City. Once the fallen and damaged trees have been carefully assessed, and safely removed by arborists, the City will explore options to salvage some of the preserved wood in a way that creates an appropriate recognition of the rich history and heritage of King’s Square.

The public is advised to stay out of all public squares and parks where trees have fallen, until further notice.

Safety is the number one priority during the clean-up effort. Residents are reminded of the following safety precautions:

  • Use good judgement and proceed with extreme caution around any area that has fallen trees or other obstructions. Do not try to salvage, walk under or climb on trees or lines that have fallen. Keep children a safe distance away.
  • Saint John Energy urges the public to stay at least 10 metres from fallen lines as they may be energized.
  • Motorists should reduce speeds in areas where crews are working. Do not drive around any barricades.

The City does not have an expected timeline for completion of the clean-up. Crews will work as diligently and safely as possible, in order of priority, to reinstate City infrastructure (facilities, roads, sidewalks, parks, signage, etc).  

The City has identified close to 55 sites that presented a hazard to the public due to fallen trees, power lines or poles; in some cases, a single street, park or square has numerous obstructions. King Square has sustained a significant amount of damage from fallen trees.

Most of the roads that were closed due to flooding yesterday have reopened this morning, with the exception of a few in the Glen Falls area. There are large puddles and amounts of debris (leaves and sticks) from trees on some roads and sidewalks. Motorists and pedestrians should approach all areas with caution. 

Important contact information:

* For emergencies, call 911
* To report a fallen power line or power outages, call Saint John Energy at 658-5252 or visit them online
* To report damage to City infrastructure and roads, call the City of Saint John at 658-4455

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