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Development activity remains strong in Saint John through the early stages of COVID-19 recovery


The City of Saint John is pleased to release an update on recent development activity, which has continued to steadily increase since the re-opening of the City’s One Stop Development Shop at the end of March.

“Overall, we are seeing higher than expected levels of activity and developer confidence in Saint John,” said Jacqueline Hamilton, Commissioner of Growth and Community Development. “This is positive news for the City as we work through COVID-19 community and economic recovery plans.”

Building permit construction activity was up for the week of May 19, with 25 permits valued at $1.3 million dollars of construction activity approved. The week of May 18 -22 marked the first time since the reopening of the One Stop Development Shop that the volume of permits exceeded last year’s results.  While the overall value of construction activity remains lower than this time last year, it is more in line with activity typically seen in April; a potential indicator that the 2020 season is slower to start, as expected.

Development activity in the pipeline remains strong, with 32 permits valued at $6 million currently in the queue for the One Stop Development Shop to process. While the large majority of applications are being processed virtually, some customers have opted to schedule in-person appointments with staff.

Last week the City’s Planning Advisory Committee green lit seven projects at its first virtual meeting. Four of these projects were for new residential projects representing nearly 180 units. Some of these applications will be considered by Council at the upcoming virtual public hearing scheduled for June 15.

The One Stop Development Shop is the City of Saint John's integrated Building Permits, Community Planning and Infrastructure Services area. Through the One Stop Shop, you can access all your development related approvals and permits required by the City of Saint John. To reach us, email onestop@saintjohn.ca or call (506) 658-2911, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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