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Emergency Management software Initiative to help nine southwestern New Brunswick municipalities


Nine southwestern New Brunswick municipalities will be better equipped to handle emergencies thanks to a New Brunswick-based software solution for emergency management.

The Sentinel Incident Management Suite, a product of Bathurst-based Sentinel Systems Ltd., is a collection of three software products – Sentinel Emergency Command, Sentinel Emergency Preparedness and Sentinel Alerts. Developed with the feedback and guidance of emergency professionals in all levels of government, the suite offers easy-to-use tools that will assist the municipalities as they prepare for and respond to major emergencies.

The software was purchased with the support of the councils of Grand Bay-Westfield, Hampton, Norton, Quispamsis, Rothesay, Saint John, St. Martins, Sussex, and Sussex Corner. Saint John made an application on behalf of all nine municipalities to JEPP, the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program, a federal/provincial cost-sharing arrangement that funds emergency preparedness and critical infrastructure protection projects and initiatives. The $111,000 project, which is cost-shared by the nine municipalities, will provide access to tools normally beyond the means of the municipalities.

“This management suite provides the best tools for our region to establish a common, integrated state-of-the-art emergency management software capability that will enable us to ensure the safety of the public,” explains Murielle Provost, Manager of the Saint John Emergency Management Organization. “The financial support of the JEPP grant allows us to provide more effective risk assessment, incident management and public alerting and warning.”

Training on the Sentinel Incident Management Suite will begin this week with a train-the-trainer session with two individuals from each municipality. The registration for Emergency Alert will go live in the coming weeks. The municipalities will link to the registration from their own websites, and local libraries will offer information to those without Internet access to self-register for the notifications.

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