UPDATED Emergency Water Shut Off and Boil Water Advisory (East Saint John)


Update 7:00 pm, July 29, 2015

Saint John Water advises residents that the water shut off scheduled for 7:30 this evening has begun immediately. This is as a result of water pressure during the excavation. Saint John Water apologises for the inconvenience this early shut off has caused.

Residents and Businesses between and including 250 to 535 Ellerdale St and 39, 54 to 74 Margaret St

As a result of a broken water valve, Saint John Water is currently hand delivering an Emergency Water Shut Off notice and Boil Water Advisory to customers between and including 250 to 535 Ellerdale Street and 39, 54 to 74 Margaret Street. The emergency water shut off will begin around 7:30 pm this evening, July 29, and is expected to last until early tomorrow morning, July 30.  

Until the water is shut off, the water remains safe to consume. Residents in the affected area are advised to fill bottles and pots for drinking water and their bathtubs for washing, and flushing the toilet. 

Once the water is turned back on, Saint John Water crews will refill the water main. At that time, residents in the affected area are being advised, through Boil Water Advisory, to boil their water for at least two minutes and let it cool before drinking. Saint John Water will notify residents when it is safe to drink the water without boiling it first.

Please help pass this message along to friends, neighbours and relatives who live in the area. 

More information will follow as updates are available. 

Water Shut Off Notice

Boil Water Advisory



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