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To Evacuate or shelter-in-place? Do you know what to do?


When an emergency hits Saint John, official word will come to either evacuate or shelter-in-place. The decision will be made based on what is safest for residents of the affected area.

If you are asked to shelter-in-place because it is unsafe to leave your home, here’s what you need to do:

- Check your emergency supplies. You should have sufficient food and water for 72 hours and for every member of your household, including your pets. You should also have a flashlight, a battery- or crank-operated radio. Gather any other items you may need, such as medications.

- Listen to the radio for updates on the situation. You may be asked to evacuate.

If you are asked to evacuate:

- Take the necessities from your emergency supplies and put them in a portable container (backpacks are best). Take a blanket as well as your flashlight, radio, first aid kit, extra keys, medications and other special needs items, food and water, your emergency plan (which should list family and friends contact information) and cash.

- Use the route indicated by the emergency officials to go to the location indicated. Follow the “E”! The City’s new evacuation signs will show you the main evacuation routes. A reception centre or emergency shelter will be ready for all evacuees. Register yourself – it is proof that you were affected by the emergency and it helps emergency responders know who has been successfully evacuated.

For more information about evacuations and shelter-in-place, visit saintjohn.ca/emo or getprepared.ca.

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