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Flood Update May 12, 2018


The SJ-EMO has officially lifted the recommended evacuation today for all homes except those still surrounded by water in these locations:
• Tippet Drive
• Farry Cove Road
• Lawrence Long
• Road By Road 7

Twenty eight sections of roads were closed during the flooding – 13 of which are now reopened. Please observe all barricades and signage, including those posted at parks.

One hundred and thirty information support kits were delivered to homes in the flood-affected areas last night. The kits contain information to help homeowners begin the clean-up process and register for volunteer support.

The City put out a call for volunteers this weekend and thanks to those who responded, seventeen homes have received support from 64 volunteers so far today. We have an immediate need for volunteers throughout the weekend.

SJ-EMO and City crews are also on the ground and are assisting homeowners and neighbours in the clean-up.

Homeowners, please call 658-2910 to register for support.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada is aware of this clean-up initiative and have advised residents to take the following actions to begin the claims process:
• Call your insurance representative or company. Most insurers have a 24-hour claims service. Be as detailed as possible when providing information.
• List all damaged or destroyed items. If possible, assemble proofs of purchase, photos, receipts and warranties. Take photos of damage incurred and keep damaged items, unless they pose a health hazard.
• Keep all receipts related to cleanup.  Ask your insurance representative about what expenses you may be entitled to.
If you were not able to dry your home (including furniture & other items) within 24-48 hours, you should assume you have mold growth. It is important to remove flood damaged materials to protect your health and remediate further mold growth and damage.

Tips for clean-up and further information is available on www.saintjohn.ca.

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