Harbour Passage Home to Eco-Hub


Thirty students from Lorne Middle School joined representatives from TD Bank Group, the City of Saint John and Saint John Waterfront to unveil the first Harbour Passage Ecological Hub (Eco Hub).

The Eco Hub is situated under the pavilion at the foot of Bentley Street on Chesley Drive. It’s the first of three, funded by a $500,000 contribution by TD. The Eco Hubs will serve to educate Harbour Passage users about the environment in and around the Saint John Harbour.

Eco-Hub 1, featuring educational and environmental interpretative signage, 2D and 3D structures focused on a themed approach to learning more about the Bay of Fundy, Saint John Harbour and surrounding natural habitats.  This first Hub will have a theme of “Cycles of Nature”, dealing with the cycle of nature and how they affect the tides, moon, fish and sea mammals.

“As a proud New Brunswicker, I’m thrilled that TD can play a role in helping showcase the ecological beauty and importance found along the shores of Saint John”, said Frank McKenna, Deputy Chair, TD Bank Group.  “These Eco-Hubs are a great addition to the Harbour Passage – an already unique feature and attraction in the city.”

Saint John Mayor Mel Norton said, “Harbour Passage is beloved by everyone who uses it – Saint Johners and visitors alike.  Through this investment TD is demonstrating their commitment to the people of Saint John and our environment.”

The City of Saint John through the Parks and Landscape Service has provided assistance by providing the property, maintenance and logistical support.

Saint John Waterfront Development managed the design, construction, fabrication and installation of this Eco Hub and while the organization has a mandate to ensure economic development in the urban core, it is particularly pleased with this new addition to the cultural, historical, environmental and heritage component of Harbour Passage. 

Stephen Alexander, Chairman, of Saint John Waterfront Development said; “TD has been an exceptional partner, we are extremely proud of their collaboration and sponsorship of this project.  TD has made this possible and has allowed Harbour Passage to “come to life” even more.” 

The second TD Eco Hub is scheduled to be unveiled in August, with the third ECO Hub coming on stream late 2014/early 2015.

The Eco Hub was designed by Dan Glenn of the Glenn Group and Julie Scriver of Goose Lane. The Glenn Group are the original designers of Harbour Passage.

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