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Honouring the fallen trees from Saint John’s cherished King’s Square


(Saint John, NB) The City of Saint John has received a number of questions, requests and ideas related to the use of wood from fallen trees in King’s Square as a result of Hurricane Dorian. We appreciate the incredible response from residents, businesses and social enterprises who have reached out to us. Your messages speak to the ownership and pride citizens have for our public parks and to the importance of our rich history.
While the first priority is to restore the public park through the safe and efficient delimbing and removal of tree limbs, our arborists and crews remain cognizant of the historical value of the wood and its significance to our community. The City is committed to properly preserving various pieces of the fallen trees, including some that are significantly large, for future use. 
In the coming months, City staff will develop a plan for future use of the wood that honours its significance to our City. The plan will be shared with the community. 
Our expert staff in the Parks and Public Spaces Service will also prioritize the proper restoration of areas in the square, where the fallen 200-year-old trees once stood. This will include the planting of new trees. 


City arborists and crews delimbing trees in King's Square. (September 10, 2019)

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