Keep Your Car Off the Street for a Safer Winter in Saint John


 On some of Saint John’s streets, cars parked on just one side of the street means the street is no longer passable for snow removal equipment – or safety vehicles.
For the safety of the citizens and motorists of Saint John, and the City workers keeping the streets safe in winter conditions, keep your car off the street. By respecting the winter overnight parking restriction, citizens will reap the benefits of safer streets.
In 2009, Council enacted the parking restriction for the first time. It resulted in:

City crews want to continue to improve on last year’s results. By using your driveway, or making alternate arrangements for parking off-street, the streets will be better maintained throughout the winter, making them safer for everyone – pedestrians, motorists, and plow operators.
If you do live in an area that allows for on-street overnight parking (either the South-Central Peninsula, or one of the streets throughout the City designated for alternate side parking), remember to move your car regularly to allow for snow removal to take place during the day.
To learn more about the Winter Management Plan, visit or call Customer Service at 658-4455.

A loader demonstrated how close the fit is on Kennedy Street in the North End of the city.


A loader equipped with a plow and wing demonstrates the close the fit with cars parked on one side of Kennedy Street in the North End of Saint John.

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