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Province of New Brunswick and City of Saint John Launch Sustainability Network


Over 45 people representing a cross section of business and government in the Saint John region met today to work towards reaching one common goal: to bring together government, residents, businesses and community groups to build capacity and momentum for sustainability in our region. 

Sustainable Saint Johnis a regional network being led by the City of Saint John Environment Committee with support from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund. Typically defined, sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” The group wants to encourage others to join by showing that growing a sustainable business is not only about saving money and protecting the environment through the more efficient use of resources (energy, materials, water, etc); it’s also about being leaders and contributing to the community.
“Sustainability is not an end goal. It is a way of operating. This region has really stepped forward, and this is why the Province is pleased to support this initiative,” said Kim Hughes, Director of Sustainable Planning, Department of Environment, Province of New Brunswick
At today’s meeting it was announced that the Saint John Board of Trade will partner with the network. “Sustainability is an issue that is gaining momentum across the country,” stated Imelda Gilman, President of the Board of Trade. “The business case for sustainability is very strong. We look forward to playing a supportive role and helping to promote it to our members and other businesses in the Greater Saint John area.”
The network was formed as a result of the citizens of Greater Saint John expressing the need to think and act sustainably by balancing the community’s economic, environmental and social needs; recent community initiatives such as Vision 2015, the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, Benefits Blueprint and the Sustainable Communities Case Study led by the Province have articulated this vision of a sustainable community. 
The City of Saint John retained Dillon Consulting Limited, a national consulting firm with operations in Saint John and throughout Atlantic Canada, to establish and coordinate Sustainable Saint John. A tool kit has been developed for members to help them document and assist in identifying new sustainable initiatives.
Today the group heard presentations from Coast Tire, Pomodori Pizza and Fundy Linen highlighting initiatives they have taken to becoming more sustainable. “At first we thought we’d never be able to begin a program but then, as we started, we realized we were already doing some of it,” said Marilyn Bruce from Coast Tire. Tire retread and customer education programs are just two of the activities the company is using to become more sustainable.

The group established some next steps today including recruiting new members and developing priorities and operating protocols. Those interested in joining the network or obtaining more information can contact:

Holly McMackin, Dillon Consulting Limited
600 Main Street, Suite C201
Saint John, N.B
E2K 1J5
Tel:    (506) 633 5000 Fax:   (506) 633 5110
Email: dillon.ca
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