Main Street bike lane opens to the public this afternoon


Biking between Chesley Drive and Union Street along Main Street will be much easier and safer for cyclists beginning today.

The Main Street bike lane will open to the public this afternoon. The two-way bike lane is a temporary solution to allow cyclists better access to and from the Uptown core during the closure of Harbour Passage for the construction on the Harbour Bridge.

The bike lane occupies the third lane of the eastbound side of Main Street. Traffic on Main Street is reduced to two lanes, and the speed limit will be reduced to 50 kilometers per hour within two weeks and while the bike lane is in place. Turning and through lanes at the intersections of Main Street with Simonds Street and with Union Street have been repainted to reflect the change to the traffic pattern.

There is no left turn from Main Street to Portland Street. Access to Hilyard and Portland Streets is available via Simonds Street.

New lights for cyclists, featuring a bike on the red, yellow and green signals, have been installed at the intersection of Main and Simonds Street. As well, traffic lights at the intersection of Union and Main Street will remain red for a longer period of time to allow for pedestrian and bicycle crossings. Cyclists must dismount from their bicycles and use the pedestrian crossing to access the bicycle lane where it ends and begins at Union Street and at Chesley Drive.

Cyclists must obey the rules of the road. The bike lane is two-way. Obey the signals for cyclists at Metcalf Street.  Use the signals and dismount from your bicycle before using a pedestrian crossing. The bike lane can also be accessed from the crosswalk at Simonds Street. There is no access to the bike lane from the exits and entrances on to the viaduct.

More details about the use of the bike lane is available at or by calling Municipal Operations at 658-4455.


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