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Mayors Sign Tri-Cities Partnership MOU


The mayors of Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as formal gesture of alignment and cooperation between the cities.

The Tri-city partnership recognizes that the three largest New Brunswick cities have similar challenges, similar goals and share a vision for prosperous New Brunswick. The partnership will foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation and, push forward initiatives that are important to the large urban areas and the Cities of New Brunswick. This will create a stronger voice for advocating  for fair policies on issues that impact municipalities, like the recent tax assessment freeze, the need for predictable revenues and the new Acts that govern how municipalities do their work. It is a forum to cooperate and advance strategic initiatives like joint purchasing and the sharing of best practices on continuous improvement; critical work that allows each city to provide services in the most efficient manner possible. 

Council members and senior staff from each city joined the Mayors Arnold, Darling and O’Brien as the MOU was signed in Fredericton Friday evening.

The Tri-city partnership will not have decision-making power and is not a replacement for the Cities of New Brunswick Association, the Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick or the Francophone Association of New Brunswick. 


“I am glad to be able to sign this Tri-Cities Memorandum of Understanding. New Brunswick’s three largest municipalities share similar challenges, have similar capacities, and want similar outcomes for our residents.  What works for us, could very well work for other municipalities and ultimately, benefit to the province overall.”  Mayor Michael O’Brien, City of Fredericton

“I greatly value the discussions between our three cities. We share so many commonalities. By collaborating and supporting each other we will be able to continue to provide value to our residents and also to the province.” Mayor Dawn Arnold, City of Moncton

“I believe our cities play a unique and vibrant role in the province and together we help shape and build on the social and economic resources we have to create better opportunities to enhance the quality of lives of our residents.” Mayor Don Darling, City of Saint John

Tri-Cities MOU



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