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Municipal utilities collaborate on renewable energy projects


The Village of Perth Andover, the City of Edmundston and Saint John Energy, in cooperation with the City of Saint John, have prepared and submitted joint proposals to develop two wind energy projects, representing the first partnership of its kind in the province. 

The Charlotte County Community Wind Farm and Chapman Community Wind Farm are both 20 megawatt projects, each with a value of approximately $60 million. Once operational, these small-scale renewable projects could each power as many as 6,400 households each year, helping NB Power to meet its energy demand. 

The wind farm opportunities were identified and put forward for consideration as part of the second phase of the provincial Locally-Owned Renewable Energy Small Scale (LORESS) program. If they are among those selected, they could be operational as early as December 31st, 2020. 

The sites, in South Oromocto and Chapmanville, were selected because of the wind resource, proximity of the electricity network and the available space. Both are isolated from any dwellings, and are in wooded areas that are partly deforested. Environmental, social and technical considerations were taken into account as part of the site selection process. 

To develop these projects, the local entities have joined forces with the company Valeco Énergie Québec, a company that develops and operates renewable energy power plants. 


Saint John Energy President and CEO Ray Robinson said, “We’re pleased to collaborate with our peers across the province to advance a renewable project that will produce a significant power supply for New Brunswick, and that represents the beginning of a new era of partnership in developing innovative energy solutions that allow utilities like ours to adapt to trends – acting as an advocate for consumer choice and catering to our customers’ changing expectations and needs, while also continuing to provide value to our owners and ratepayers.”

City of Saint John Mayor Don Darling offered his support for the initiative, “On behalf of the City of Saint John, I would like to congratulate Saint John Energy and their sister New Brunswick municipal electric utilities in Edmundston and Perth Andover for their vision and leadership in pursuing new electricity generation opportunities through the Province and NB Power’s LORESS Program.  Not only can these projects help NB Power meet their legislated renewable energy targets, they have the potential to contribute to the financial sustainability of all three utilities and their host communities.  Municipalities across Canada are embracing renewable energy development projects based on their tangible environmental and return on investment attributes.”

Marianne Bell the Mayor of Perth-Andover stated “Our community is very excited about the renewable energy projects prepared by our three municipalities.  In true New Brunswick fashion, our partnership highlights excellent cooperation between communities of different sizes and geographic areas towards a common goal – developing locally owned green energy projects!”   

The Mayor of the City of Edmundston Cyrille Simard said, ”The willingness of our municipalities and utilities to contribute strategically and sustainably towards the reduction of greenhouse gases, the energy future of our province and to building our capacity to ensure the sustainability of our communities calls for an ongoing collaboration between our three utilities, NB Power and the Province. I join our partners in Saint John and Perth Andover in welcoming this exciting initiative as part of the vision of our province and our respective jurisdictions to seize opportunities, innovate in our ways and working in partnership for the benefit of the common good of New Brunswickers and our respective communities.”


Perth-Andover Electric Light Commission is proudly the oldest and only remaining Village or Town owned electric utility in New Brunswick.  The utility has served 1000 customers with outstanding services and favorable rates since being incorporated in 1903.   Perth-Andover customers are supplied with green energy from the Tinker Dam generating facility.  The Commission operates and maintains 45km of electric distribution assets, street lighting and has expanded services to include a heat pump rental program.  

Edmundston Energy - The city of Edmundston is currently the only city in New Brunswick to produce its own electricity. The Energy department (Edmundston Energy) was created in 1910 to answer a need to power a pumping station on the city’s water supply. Edmundston Energy has been expanding ever since, and now has three generating stations, for a total generating capacity of 8.5 Megawatts. Edmundston Energy also operates and maintains its internal distribution grids with over 8,900 customers.  As per the City’s vision statement, Energy Edmundston is focused on clean, sustainable energy sources.

Saint John Energy has been a premier provider of energy to the people of Saint John since 1922. Today, Saint John Energy provides reliable services and competitive rates to more than 36,500 local customers through 13 substations spanning 316 square kilometers. Saint John Energy also provides street lighting, area lighting, over 1,900 mini split ductless heat pump rentals and more than 20,000 water heater rentals. Toward our mission of excellence in energy solutions, we deliver value to our customers through our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Valeco Energie Québec Inc. is a Quebec subsidiary of Valeco, which owns the group's development assets in Canada. The core business of the company is renewable energy production, thanks to its know-how and unique experience in the development, financing, realization, operation and maintenance of renewable energy production plants. One of the major players in the French energy sector, Valeco has built 131 wind turbines for more than 280 MW of electrical installations at 15 sites. Following these achievements, Valeco has retained the operation and operation of 14 sites for a total of 126 MW, as well as 30 photovoltaic power plants (ground and roof) with a total of more than 80 MW.


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