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City presents Neighbourhood Stimulation Grants


Saint John, NB - Representatives from Saint John Common Council presented over $150,000 in cheques to neighbourhood groups today as part of the City’s Neighbourhood Development Stimulation Grant Program.

The program has been vital to the sustainability of the City of Saint John priority neighbourhood organizations since 2008. It has supported staffing, leadership capacity building and program initiatives in these neighbourhoods that has resulted in a high level of neighbourhood engagement and participation.

“Supporting these groups enables neighbourhoods to mobilize staff, volunteers and resources and effectively produce positive outcomes for their communities,” said Kevin Watson, Recreation Manager, City of Saint John.

“The organizations who have applied continue to demonstrate perseverance and the ability to leverage additional funding and “in kind” support from local business, community supporters and other levels of government,” Watson said.

Cheques were presented to:

Quality Learning New Brunswick ($2,500)
Quality Learning New Brunswick has increased their goals to encourage literacy by including parents who are having difficulty reading to their children. Parents can also be referred to local adult literacy programs or other supports. In addition they will be offering a nine-week program where they will be providing reading opportunities for children in eight different locations in Crescent Valley.

Crescent Valley Resource Centre ($22,000)

The Crescent Valley Resource Centre is a renewal application for financial support of the Crescent Valley Resource Centre operations and employment of a CVRC Executive Director.

The Crescent Valley Resource Centre will hire a full time Executive Director who will network with the community and  oversee the operation of the Resource Centre.  The organization realizes that evolving the executive director position with diverse skills is essential to effectively network with other community organizations, manage the centre and continue to develop programs.

Village Association / East Side Motivators - (Vibrant Communities) ($18,000)

This request was submitted by Vibrant Communities Saint John on behalf of the Village Association and East Side Motivators - Reading and Roxbury Crescent.

Vibrant Communities goal is to continue the employment of the neighbourhood organizer staff position to work with these partnering neighbourhoods in planning, building resident capacity and developing program initiatives.

Vibrant Communities – Around the Block Neighbourhood Newspaper ($21,500)

The Around the Block Neighbourhood Newspaper is requesting a renewal of their grant for another one year term.

This neighbourhood paper continues to evolve and improve in both quality and size.  The paper brings together and benefits all of the priority neighbourhoods by promoting, communicating and praising each neighbourhood’s accomplishments and success stories.  Furthermore, it provides learning and educational opportunities for residents to be authors of stories in the newspaper.  To date Around the Block has produced 22 editions and has increased distribution to 10,000 copies per edition with 16 pages. Around the Block has come a long way from 2008 when they provided an 8 page paper with a distribution of 6,000 copies.

ONE Change Inc. ($22,000)

The ONE Change Inc. is a renewal request for financial support to sustain employment of their Neighbourhood Coordinator position. 

Funds will sustain a full-time Neighbourhood Coordinator position to work with the community case worker, recreation coordinator and academic case worker who are now in place as a result of federal funding received by the ONE Change. The Coordinator will also supervise student placements, volunteers, and community service for offenders.

ONE Change works with an ever growing number of neighbourhood partners including the North End Community Centre, Main Street Baptist Church, Lorne School, Centennial School and Leisure Services.

Teen Resource Centre for Youth (TRC) ($22,000)

The TRC requested continued support to employ staff for the Oasis Program.  The Oasis Program provides services and support to youth who are “homeless” or “near to being homeless” in our community.  The TRC Oasis program was noted as an excellent model at the National Homeless Conference held in Ontario 2008. 

The TRC wishes to continue the Oasis program and the hot lunch program that youth who are living in vulnerable situations or homeless have come to rely on in the community.

TRC Case Management service will continue to work and build relationships with Oasis clients and offer them opportunities and support for an exit from street
life. The impact of this program is illustrated very well by the testimonial that is included in the submission of their program.  This can be found in the appendix of this document.

Westside PACT ($22,000)

The Westside PACT requested a renewal of their 2011 grant application to support employing staff at the Westside PACT facility located in the priority neighbourhood of the Lower West Side. 

Staff will sustain established health, wellness and neighbourhood initiatives.  Neighbourhood engagement and support has been strong for programs and initiatives such as the Bike Rodeo, Neighbourhood Clean-up, Canada Day and New Brunswick Day celebration – all spearheaded by Westside PACT.

Funding will help support a Community Development Coordinator to supervise and manage Westside PACT projects throughout the year and help employ two Summer Community Resource Assistants.

PULSE (People United Lower South End) ($19,000)

PULSE requested funding to support staffing and program initiatives at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre and Community Police office located on Wentworth Street.

PULSE currently operates this building through a board of directors, one part-time staff and volunteers in the community.  Funding will sustain the Operations Manager staff position which is responsible to schedule and supervise the resource centre, and coordinate neighbourhood programs in the South End.  PULSE will take a leadership role in the community by implementing project committees for the Rainbow Park revitalization program, community clean-up programs, adopt a block program and other special projects for the South End neighbourhood.

Anglin Drive Tenants Association (Story Tent) ($1,000)

This year the Tenants Association would like to develop their own story tent program.

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