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New online payment service now available for Saint John Parking Commission customers


The popular HotSpot app can now be used to make the Saint John parking experience even more efficient and convenient

Effective November 1, 2020, all parking permits currently offered to Saint John Parking Commission customers can be purchased electronically through HotSpot. This includes monthly parking permits, bagged meters, residential parking permits, temporary parking permits and reserved parking permits.

HotSpot was first introduced to Saint John Parking customers in 2014, allowing the public to purchase parking time at pay-and-display machines, pay-by-plate machines and coin style operated meters. In 2018, The Saint John Parking Commission further enhanced the service by launching the HotSpot tap-and-pay technology in all gated lots.

Saint John Parking Commission is now excited to introduce the latest HotSpot feature. Current monthly customers have been mailed instructions on how to open a HotSpot account. HotSpot support and customer service is available 24/7. For more information or to download the app, visit www.htsp.ca

With HotSpot as the primary platform for all permits, additional payment options will remain available to customers, including cash, debit, and cheque, and can be made in-person or by calling the Parking Commission directly at (506) 658-2897.
Please note: All customer accounts must be in good standing order with Saint John Parking Commission prior to setting up a HotSpot account.

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