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New Restrictions in Effect for City of Saint John Curbside Garbage and Compost Collection


By adhering to the City’s Solid Waste Bylaw and making greater efforts to recycle and compost materials that do not belong in the landfill, we can all contribute to a greener, cleaner and safer Saint John.

Residents who receive garbage and compost collection from the City of Saint John are being asked to join the City in an effort to become more “Waste Wise”. This message is prompted by recent changes to the City’s Solid Waste Bylaw that reflect a renewed effort to ensure cleaner streets, reduce landfill waste and associated costs and protect the safety of garbage collectors.

“The Waste Wise campaign calls for solid waste customers to become more responsible for their waste,” said Katherine Shannon, Operations Manager with Transportation and Environment Services. “Our collectors pick up garbage from over 500 households a day, so the way garbage is contained, its weight, and its contents, are all important factors in ensuring our collectors can operate safely and efficiently to keep our streets clean.”

Recent changes to the City’s Solid Waste Bylaw place restrictions on the collection of certain items and how garbage and compost are contained. The following restrictions are included in the Bylaw:
NEW: Construction and demolition materials are no longer accepted at curbside collection. 
Loose garbage, small bags (such as grocery bags), and items that are not bagged or bundled according to the Bylaw will also not be collected.
Bags and bundles cannot weigh more than 20 kg (44 lbs) and the green compost bins cannot weigh more than 100 lbs.
Dangerous items such as broken glass must be boxed and clearly labeled.

Changes to the Solid Waste Bylaw take effect immediately and will be enforced. Failure to adhere to the Bylaw may result in fines and will result in garbage not being collected. Beginning a week from today, customers who do not adhere to the bylaw will not have their garbage collected and will be responsible for repackaging it according to the bylaw for pick up on their following collection day. 

Did you know…
The City of Saint John offers residential customers a free bulky item pick-up service twice a year. To register for the service, call 658-4455. Free service is available for the disposal of household hazardous waste and recycling of electronics. More information about this program can be found at fundyrecycles.com.

Composting and recycling saves our environment, and costs the City (taxpayer) less. Recycling can reduce household waste by 50 per cent, and 40 per cent of household waste is compostable. When looking at the cost comparison, the landfill fee for compost material is $28 per ton compared to the $108 per ton of garbage.

Residents are encouraged to compost organic material and use the blue bin recycling depots available across the City to dispose of recyclable materials such corrugated cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and milk containers. For a list of blue bin locations, visit fundyreycyles.com.

Visit www.saintjohn.ca/wastewise to learn more about the City’s Solid Waste Bylaw, or call 658-4455 for more information.     


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