New Traffic Light Timing Introduced at Rothesay Avenue Intersection


The City of Saint John’s Transportation service has made changes to the traffic light timing at the Retail Drive and Ashburn Lake Road intersections on Rothesay Avenue.  The changes aim to improve the safety and flow of traffic in the area.
“The close proximity of the two intersections poses a challenge,” says Tim O’Reilly, Traffic Engineer. “When changes are made to one movement at these intersections, it impacts traffic flow to the others.”
The latest changes reduce the amount of time that traffic backs up onto the rail crossing on Ashburn Lake Road, an important safety consideration.  
“The safe flow of traffic needs to take priority,” says O’Reilly.
City staff will continue to monitor and make further refinements to find the best balance to all traffic patterns at these intersections.
The public can help in several ways.   Motorists are advised not to stop on the tracks at the rail crossing on Ashburn Lake Road and to ensure there is space to drive completely over both sets of tracks if there is a vehicle stopped ahead.  Motorists may also use the new One Mile House Interchange as an alternate route.


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