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Partnership Blazes New Trail on Saint John’s West Side


On Saturday May 5 Emera New Brunswick, City of Saint John and the Milford community will work together to further develop and mulch the Emera Trail,  a spectacular network of trails that line the St. John River on the City’s west side.

In September 2011, the partners cut the trails and established five lookouts that feature breath-taking views overlooking the St. John River and the Reversing Rapids.

Ken Palmer is one of many lifelong residents of Milford that has volunteered time to make the park a reality. “The project has helped to rebuild community spirit and instill pride back into the neighborhood,” says Palmer. “Emera New Brunswick deserves to be recognized for their outstanding generosity and for improving our recreational opportunities and neighborhood development.”

The Emera Trail is located in the Lou Murphy Park at 247 Milford Road.  The trail was created through Emera New Brunswick graciously donating 27 acres of prime waterfront property to the City of Saint John in 2011.  Emera also donated $10,000 for further trail development. Crews from the City’s parks and landscape and neighbourhood improvement services have also provided assistance.

Emera New Brunswick General Manager Rob Belliveau says donating the waterfront property to the City of Saint John was a natural way to give back to one of the communities that’s now home to the Brunswick Pipeline. “It’s an honor to see this land transformed into a beautiful park and scenic walking trails for all residents to enjoy,” says Belliveau. “We’re proud to have made a positive contribution to our community.”

Emera New Brunswick was recently honoured as Corporate Sponsor of the Year at the City of Saint John’s Annual Volunteer Recognition Event.
Emera Trail Mulch Day runs from 10am to 2pm. Rain date is May 6 beginning at 1pm. 

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