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Prevent your water pipes from freezing


With a high volume of homeowners experiencing frozen water services, Saint John Water would like to remind residents of measures they can take to prevent their pipes from freezing.

Water services that run from City water mains to private properties (buildings) can freeze. If you have experienced a frozen water service in the last 15-20 years, or live in an older home, Saint John Water advises that you run your cold water constantly, 24/7, to prevent it from reoccurring.

In the older areas of the City, water services are smaller in diameter and are not buried deep enough to protect them from freezing.

Those who do not have older homes and have not experienced frozen water services in the past, should run their water regularly to prevent pipes from freezing.

For more measures to protect your pipes, visit http://www.saintjohn.ca/site/media/SaintJohn/SJWater-FrozenPipes.pdf

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