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Red Head Subdivision Water Restrictions


As the next phase of the Red Head Water System Improvements, the City of Saint John will begin work on the well located on Seaward Crescent. The work will include inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the well to prepare for disinfection upgrades of the water supply system. The upgrade will take place later this year.

During the well maintenance process, the Seaward Crescent well will be taken offline. Because there will be no water from this well available to the distribution system, the Red Head water system will be operating with only the Ocean Drive well. As a result, residents may notice a drop in pressure during periods of high water consumption. Therefore, mandatory water restrictions will be imposed to conserve water during this maintenance period.

Restrictions will begin 9:00am Monday, March 26th and may last for up to two weeks.

A notice was distributed to all residents.


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