Residents on Spruce Avenue, First Street East and Second Street East will return home this afternoon


Residents on Spruce Avenue, First Street East, and Second Street East are being individually contacted and notified that they can begin to return home this afternoon. Multiple air quality tests conducted overnight and throughout the day today have indicated that these areas are safe and clear, with 12 consecutive hours of a zero LEL level recorded. 

First responder re-entry teams will accompany all residents into their homes to conduct a home safety inspection upon entry. The inspections will confirm air quality within each residence, and ensure that no damages were sustained to the properties. 

Remediation at the site of the leak is complete. The broken pipeline has been purged and all spilled product has been removed from the ground. 

Air quality monitoring continues to be conducted in the areas of River Avenue and Pleasant City Street. Once 12 hours of consecutive zero LEL readings are received, residents will be notified and able to return home.  In the meantime and until further notice, River Avenue and Pleasant City Street remains closed to public access. 

There have been an abundance of precautionary measures taken during this incident to ensure the safety of all residents. The SJ-EMO would like to confirm that at no time was the safety of those living outside of the evacuated area perceived to be at risk. 

Bayside Drive remains closed to through traffic until further notice.  


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