Residents can help keep fire hydrants clear during heavy snowfall periods


Visible fire hydrants can potentially save lives and property. Snow accumulation, combined with the after-effects of plowing roads and parking lots, leaves many fire hydrants across the City partially or completely buried in snow. When snow is deposited on fire hydrants, it can be difficult for firefighters and Saint John Water crews to locate and access them during an emergency. 

With over 2,400 fire hydrants across the City, keeping them accessible and clear of snow will remain a top priority for Saint John Water crews this winter. The City of Saint John asks residents and private snow removal contractors to be mindful of the fire hydrants and not cover them with snow and ice when clearing roadways, driveways and parking lots.  

Residents who have a fire hydrant on or near their property are encouraged to take a few minutes to help clear away the snow so it remains visible in the event of an emergency.

The attached image shows the upper connections that should remain visible and accessible at all times. 

fire hydrant snow


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