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Safety Remains Top Priority for City During Severe Weather


With the severe winter weather that continues to impact our region, the City’s Emergency Management Team, the Saint John Fire Department as well as Saint John Water and Roadway Maintenance Crews are working to keep our city safe and offer the following information, safety tips and resources to assist residents:

Emergency Management – Warming Centres
SJEMO has been monitoring the weather event.  Staff remain in regular contact with SJ Energy and are on standby to open up warming centres if the need should arise.  For more information on how to be prepared during severe weather, visit  www.getprepared.gc.caMore…

Safe Winter Driving
Avoid driving during a winter storm event unless absolutely necessary. It is safer to remain at home until weather and road conditions improve.  If you must drive, prepare your car accordingly. Start your car at least one minute before driving it and completely clear your vehicle of snow and ice, including the windows, mirrors, roof, trunk, hood and lights. More…

Snow Removal
The City of Saint John’s snow removal crews will be out in force this evening and through the weekend to keep City streets as safe as possible during the storm.   City staff will be working within the Winter Management Plan to meet the established service objectives, once the storm ends, according to Priority and based on the storm severity. Major arteries, highway connections and emergency routes will be cleared constantly during the storm, with major bus routes, and streets connecting schools, community centres and business districts as the second priority.  More…

Frozen Pipes
Saint John Water recommends that homeowners take precautions to prevent frozen pipes.  Wrap any exposed pipes, especially in unheated parts of your home and try to eliminate drafts.  If your pipes do freeze, do not use an open flame to thaw frozen pipes.  Open flames are a hazard and overheating a single spot can burst the pipe.  Know your main control valve location and be prepared to use it.  If none of your faucets or fixtures are working and you cannot determine where the lines are frozen, your service line may be frozen.  More…

City Facility Closures
Patrons of city arenas and community centres are advised to call ahead as storm conditions may cause reduced hours or closures.  City market patrons may call 658-2820 for market hours.

Stay Tuned
Citizens are encouraged to stay tuned to local media and the city’s website,  for storm advisories and notices of closures.   South Central Peninsula residents may also call the recorded information line, 658-4040, at any time for up-to-date information regarding a snow ban.

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