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Saint John Water – drinking water highlights


Saint John Water would like to take the opportunity to emphasize our commitment to providing customers with safe, clean drinking water, and, due to recent comments, reassure the public of the safety of the drinking water on the City’s west side. The ground water source from the three wells at the South Bay Wellfield is reliable and consistently meets or exceeds the New Brunswick Drinking Water Guidelines and the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality.

Ensuring that the drinking water is safe is not just a priority for the municipality; it is a commitment that is shared by the provincial and federal governments and regulators. 

Both the west and east water distribution systems are monitored continuously and extensive water quality tests are performed on a regular basis. Professional staff manage operations and ensure that water samples are collected and analyzed on a rigorous schedule. Tests are performed by both Saint John Water and by independently certified laboratories.  

Health Canada’s Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality are used across Canada and are the basis for establishing drinking water quality requirements for all Canadians. If there is ever a time when the quality of the water is compromised, for any reason, an advisory or order is imposed by the Provincial Department of Health and immediately communicated to the public by Saint John Water. 

Laboratory test results for the new drinking water source that is serving west Saint John consistently confirms that, from a health perspective, it is the best drinking water the west side of the City has ever had. 

Saint John Water is issued an Approval to Operate from the Provincial Department of Environment and Local Government in order to supply quality drinking water. The certificate is provided to The City of Saint John with conditions under which it must operate. A copy of the City’s Approval to Operate the Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution System can be found on the City’s website.  

For a complete list of our water quality parameters and test results for the first quarter of 2018, visit www.saintjohn.ca/saintjohnwater. The City has published water quality results previously through Council Reports and within the Saint John Water Annual Reports. Results were also made available to the public during the recent open houses. This data will now be shared on the website on a quarterly basis each calendar year.  

Saint John Water serves approximately 5,400 customers on the City’s west side; and 17,000 City wide. 

Delivering safe, clean drinking water that meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements and maintaining open communication to the public remains a priority for Saint John Water. The City has provided information in a number of forums and channels, including Common Council meetings, media interviews, social media updates, public open houses, the website, and direct mailings to customers. This commitment to all Saint John Water customers will continue.   

Relevant information will continue to be offered to customers through the dedicated west side water web page: www.saintjohn.ca/westsidewater or the east side water webpage www.saintjohn.ca/eastsidewater


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