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Saint John Water - Monitoring for Turbidity



Due to the current low levels of water in the lakes that supply our drinking water, heavy rains and/or wind may cause an increased risk of elevated turbidity (cloudiness). Cloudy water is created when fine particles like sediment or organic matter wind up or get stirred up in the watersheds as a result of heavy rainfall or windy conditions. 

Saint John Water will closely monitor the City's two surface water supplies through the weekend and continue to do so over the next several weeks for increases in drinking water turbidity.


Saint John Water continuously monitors its drinking water for turbidity with on-line instrumentation. 

As turbidity increases, there is the potential for particles to move through the system that are not adequately disinfected thus impacting the effectiveness of the disinfection (chlorination) process. As turbidity levels increase, increased disinfection levels may be necessary as a safety precaution. 

In the event that an increased level of turbidity requires the need for a boil water order, Saint John Water will work with the Department of Health and promptly notify citizens accordingly.


Saint John Water crews continue maintenance work to ensure wastewater pumping stations and treatment facilities are prepared in the event of of heavy rainfall or windy conditions.


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