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Saint John Water Update: West Saint John Drinking Water Service Adjustments


Saint John Water wishes to inform residents on the west side that the project to deliver drinking water from the new Loch Lomond Drinking Water Treatment Facility to Lower West, Milford, Randolph, Fundy Heights, Duck Cove and Sand Cove neighbourhoods has been progressing well. As with most projects of this magnitude where equipment needs to be ordered and delivered, the timeline required to make the drinking water switch has been extended slightly. Saint John Water is now preparing to make the transition in late January or during the month of February 2020. 

As an update on the work, construction of the new interim water pumping station needed to support the delivery of water to the west side neighbourhoods is underway and expected to be completed in January 2020. Site work at the Fallsview Drive location, where the pumping station will be installed, is progressing and will be ready in time for its delivery. Once in place, Saint John Water will run and test the new pumping station before putting it into service. This transition is not expected to cause any disruptions to the drinking water service.

Our commitment to keep customers notified

In addition to a progress update to Council last week and the one planned for January 2020, Saint John Water will issue a notice of the drinking water transition through the media, City website and social media accounts (follow us online @ Facebook and Twitter). Customers living in the neighbourhoods slated for transition will also receive a direct mail notice shortly before the transition.

For more information on the water service adjustments, visit us online at www.saintjohn.ca/westsidewater or call our customer service team at 658-4455.


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