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Signs Remind Citizens that Spruce Lake Remains a Protected Watershed


(Saint John, NB) Saint John Water has erected signs adjacent to Spruce Lake reminding citizens that the lake remains a protected watershed. The land around Spruce Lake is owned by the City of Saint John and trespassing, fishing and boating are prohibited.
“While the source of supply for west side drinking water has changed from Spruce Lake Water to groundwater from the South Bay Wellfield, we need to ensure we remain diligent in our protection of this natural resource for the use of future generations,” says Brent McGovern, Commissioner of Saint John Water.
Prohibiting access to Spruce Lake is a necessary measure to help minimize the introduction of aquatic invasive species. Invasive species pose a significant risk to municipal water fresh water supplies in Canada. They can easily be transported from one watershed to another on fishing gear and boats. Once an invasive species establishes itself in an ecosystem, it can be extremely difficult to control or eradicate.
Some examples of invasive species that City of Saint John is working to prevent from entering its watersheds include:
•    Zebra Mussels – A black and white striped clam-like animal that has been spreading across various lakes in Canada. This species poses a significant threat to municipal and industrial water supplies as they can block off intake pipes.
•    Didymo –An invasive freshwater alga that is located in other parts of the Province including the Saint John River which can have an impact on fresh water supplies.
•    Curly-Leaf Pondweed – An aquatic plant may lead to algal blooms which can have serious impacts on fresh water supplies.
Additional information on each of the aquatic invasive species above, as well as others, can be found on the Province of New Brunswick website.
Citizens are encouraged to call Saint John Police at 648-3333 to report incidents of trespassing, boating or fishing at Spruce Lake.
Saint John Water thanks citizens for their cooperation as we continue to protect our natural resources.

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