Spruce Lake Industrial Park gets greener look


New landscaping in the City of Saint John’s Spruce Lake Industrial Park will improve the look and appeal of the only entry into Lorneville and improve access to public transportation.
The beautification program, which includes new ditching and berms (sculpted mounds of earth) to help control storm water and minimize land erosion, indigenous hardy plants and several hundred trees, is an initiative of the Saint John Industrial Parks, Ltd. The first phase, improvement of the King William Highway and Alloy Drive intersection, is complete, with four more phases to come.
The Emera pipeline crossing, the entrance to the park at provincial Highway 1, the Lorneville community entrance near the Lorneville Convenience Store and both sides of the King William Highway will be landscaped as part of the future phases of the project.
“The new landscaping will be environmentally friendly,” Brian Irving, general manager of the Saint John Industrial Parks, explains. “For example, the US highway-style treatment planned for the highway 1 area is more like a meadow; it features indigenous plants, including wildflowers and cattails, Mother Nature’s filters. The mowing is less aggressive, which means we’ll use less gas, and the wildflowers will bring colour to an otherwise bland landscape.”
The beautification project will continue through 2010 and into 2011 in five phases.
Saint John Industrial Parks sold more land in 2008 than in the previous 12 years combined. Over 120 acres were sold last year, and four buildings will go up in the McAllister and Spruce Lake parks this year. The City’s industrial parks provide over 1500 acres of serviced land for industrial activities and development.

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