Street line painting


This season’s street lining process is underway. In an ongoing effort to implement continuous improvement practices throughout the City’s operations, street lining crews are now applying a paint requiring approximately a minute to dry in good weather. This eliminates the need for crews to place traffic cones warning motorists of newly painted lines. Eliminating this step is more efficient as it saves crews from having to circle back to retrieve the cones.

To ensure the safety of crews and allow the paint to dry properly, motorists are asked to respect the street line painting truck distances and to not cut in between the street line painting truck and the support vehicle tailing behind. Cones may still be used in select areas depending on traffic density.

The line painting program has begun in the uptown core and will extend to other areas of the City based on priority. The annual program covers approximately 410 lane kilometres across the City and is expected to continue until early fall. 

This work will be carried out in a phased approach and under all safety recommendations and directives from public health officials.


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