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Students Talk Trees with the City and JDI


Grade One students from Havleock Elementary School celebrated Arbour Day with a visit from Mayor Ivan Court and Councillor Chris Titus. The members of Saint John Common Council joined forces with local environmental steward, Reverend Lloyd Lake, and officials from J.D. Irving, Limited to talk with the students about the benefits of trees.

“Partnerships like this one, between J.D. Irving, Limited, District 8 and the City of Saint John demonstrate our community’s vision of a shared commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Mayor Court.

Each year a different school is chosen for the annual Arbour Day visit to promote the beauty and environmental benefits of trees in our community.  With the help of the students, City arbourists planted two Crimson King Maples on the grounds of the school. 

The trees are donated each year to a school by J.D. Irving, Limited. The Grade One students also each received a 10” living white spruce seedling to take home with them to plant.

This year marks the sixth year of the partnership among District 8, the City of Saint John, and J.D. Irving, Limited.

“Saint John is home for our company and we are committed to doing our part for beautification in communities where we live and work. We are proud to partner with the City of Saint John and School District 8 as we celebrate Arbour Day” , said Jim Irving, President of J.D. Irving, Limited.

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