The City asks for the public’s help to protect trees from further acts of vandalism


City of Saint John arborists have assessed four trees along King Street that were harmed through recent acts of vandalism. The vandalism involves someone using a sharp object such as a knife to “girdle” the bark around the trees, which is the act of peeling off or shaving the bark in a complete circle around any section of the tree’s trunk. This type of damage to a tree is irreversible and can cause devastating impacts on their growth, leading to the eventual death of the tree.  

The City of Saint John is asking for the public’s help to save the trees from further harm. Everyone can help by keeping an eye out and contacting the Saint John Police Force if they witness these acts of vandalism. To report damaged trees, people are asked to contact the City’s parks and recreation services at 658-2908.

“These intentional acts of harm to our trees is really tragic and senseless,” says Marc Doucet, Operations Manager for the City of Saint John parks and landscape services. “The trees have grown and thrived in our uptown core for many years, where they are cared for and enjoyed by everyone. While our arborists are doing what they can to protect the damaged trees, we are calling on the public to help safeguard others from similar acts of vandalism.”

The Saint John Police Force and local area businesses have been notified through the City and Uptown Saint John and will remain on the lookout for suspicious activity.  

trees 2

Photo captions: The photo on the left is shown for illustrative purposes as an example of what a girdled tree looks like. The photo on the right is a tree on King Street that was vandalised last week.

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