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The City of Saint John celebrates the delivery of safe, clean drinking water with a ribbon cutting ceremony at its new state-of-the-art water treatment facility


(Saint John, NB) The new facility was constructed as one of two drinking water sources for the City, and was part of a multi-year public-private partnership (P3) that involved a renewal of the Canada’s first public drinking water system. The Safe, Clean Drinking Water project was jointly funded by the Province of New Brunswick, Infrastructure Canada, and the City of Saint John, and is the single largest municipal infrastructure project in the history of the Province of New Brunswick.

IMG_6512The Loch Lomond Drinking Water Facility has been designed to serve the needs of Saint John Water customers while also including additional capacity for customer growth and expansion. In addition to the new drinking water treatment facility, the project included the development of the South Bay Wellfield, a second water source for the City of Saint John that also produces some of the safest drinking water in the world; vital watershed, water storage and pumping station improvements; an impressive 26 km of transmission system improvements, replacement and rehabilitation; and key industrial system improvements.

The treatment of the water now involves several additional processes that produce a drinking water that is of excellent quality for customers, exceeding provincial and national drinking water standards. The multi-step treatment process includes a dissolved air flotation process, advanced filtration, chlorination, UV disinfection and pH correction. Water is then treated with a corrosion inhibitor and moved to one of three new storage tanks before it is distributed to customers. The facility can treat up to 75-million litres of water per day, and maintain 33-million litres in three new on-site water storage tanks.

Port City Water Partners (PCWP) is the consortium that oversaw the project under a design, build, finance, operate and maintain contract. PCWP equity sponsors include Brookfield Inc., ACCIONA Aqua International Inc. and NAC (North American Construction) Inc.

Construction began on the Loch Lomond Drinking Water Treatment Facility in 2016, and it began serving customers with treated water in September 2018. The Facility is operated by highly trained and certified staff with Port City Water Services under a 33-year agreement with Saint John Water.

The project remains on budget and substantial completion is scheduled to be achieved in June of 2019 with final completion following shortly thereafter.

Award-winning project
Both Saint John Water and ACCIONA have been recognized with prestigious awards for the Safe, Clean Drinking Water Project.

The project earned Project of the Year in 2018 from the Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association.
In 2017, ACCIONA was named Water Company of the Year at the Global Water Awards, in recognition of its contribution to the international water sector, specifically three water infrastructure initiatives, including the Saint John project.

In 2017, the project was selected as the winner of the Silver Award for Project Development from the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships. The award recognizes and celebrates innovation and excellence in Public-Private Partnerships.

Wayne Long, Member of Parliament for Saint John–Rothesay, on behalf of The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“Modern and reliable water treatment infrastructure is essential to providing Canadians with safe, clean drinking water, and creating livable communities. We are happy to see the opening of the Loch Lomond Drinking Water Treatment Facility which will provide residents of Saint John with millions of litres of safe and clean drinking water every day, and save the City future maintenance costs for years to come.”

Hon. Andrea Anderson-Mason, Minister of Justice; Attorney General; Minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation, Province of New Brunswick

"I would like to extend congratulations to the City of Saint John and all the partners that made this important infrastructure project for Saint John become a reality. Safe drinking water is important for all of our communities and this project clearly demonstrates that all three levels of government can work together to make things happen.”

Don Darling, Mayor, City of Saint John

“I am exceptionally proud to be celebrating the completion of the Safe, Clean Drinking Water Project for the residents of Saint John. Today’s achievement is a result of years’ worth of work and tireless dedication from a team of professional staff lead by Saint John Water, in partnership with Port City Water Partners. On behalf of Common Council, and the City, I extend congratulations to everyone involved. Your work has advanced our City, and will ensure lasting health benefits and value to our residents for generations to come.

“The delivery of safe drinking water for our residents would not have been possible without the vision and significant financial contributions from our Provincial and Federal government partners. This is a project of the century for the City of Saint John, one of the largest of its type in Canada, and the largest municipal project in the history of the Province of New Brunswick.”

Pablo Casillas, Project Director for the Safe, Clean Drinking Water Project
“We are very proud of our work here in Saint John. The project team worked together extremely well, for the betterment of the community. This new water infrastructure will ensure Saint John residents have world-class drinking water for generations to come.”

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