The Saint John Fire Department and Emera New Brunswick partner on new Fire Safety Trailer for students in Saint John


The Saint John Fire Department, in partnership with Emera New Brunswick, is pleased to launch the new Fire Safety Trailer as part of its Fire Safety and Prevention program. The 30 foot fiberglass trailer, adorned with Sparky the Fire Dog and decals that make it look like a home, has been designed to augment the training program and educate school-aged children on household fire prevention and safety procedures. The $56,000 trailer was made possible thanks to a $30,000 contribution from Emera New Brunswick.
“We are grateful for the support of Emera New Brunswick as a partner that places significant value on the safety of citizens in our community,” said Saint John Fire Department Chief Kevin Clifford. “The new fire safety trailer takes our Fire Safety and Prevention program to a new level by allowing us to offer children in our community top-of-the-line simulation equipment and training that has proven to save lives.”
“Emera New Brunswick places safety and emergency preparedness at the centre of everything we do,” said Nina MacKinnon with Emera New Brunswick. “We were thrilled to work with the Saint John Fire Department to bring the new Fire Safety Trailer to Saint John as an outreach tool that makes learning about fire safety a fun, hands-on and educational experience for children.”
By touring the trailer with firefighters, children learn how to best respond to a fire and are taught about potential fire hazards in the home. 
The trailer is equipped with bleacher seating for up to 20 children, an escape ladder, safety glass escape windows, and an electric fireplace and a non-functional stove in the kitchen. A control room allows fire safety and prevention trainers to control the many educational functions in the trailer, including the 911 call-back phone system, the on/off switch for the smoke alarms, the electrically heated bedroom door, and an operating system for a water-based smoke machine. A television screen is mounted on the exterior of the trailer to allow for educational materials to be displayed outside. 
The new trailer replaces previous trailers the Saint John Fire Department has had over the past 15 years as part of its Fire Prevention Training program. In October 2014, the Saint John fire Department had the new trailer at 19 elementary schools across Saint John and took more than 1,500 students in grades three and four  through its training exercises. It was formally launched today at Champlain Heights School.
The Fire Safety Trailer will be available for public tours at Shamrock Park on June 20. For more information, visit


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