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Traffic Tips

How far must you park from a driveway?


You park your car on a City street – so how far away from the end of the driveway should you be?

Pull up to, but not over, the white stop line at traffic lights


Motorists should pull up to, but not over, the white stop line at a signalized intersection. Some signals work by detecting a vehicle in this specific location. For instance, the traffic lights at the intersection of Ashburn Lake Road and Rothesay Avenue are traffic-activated. Some stop lines are set back from the traffic lights to allow larger vehicles to turn from one street to another at an intersection.

Vehicles parked on the street more than 24 hours are considered abandoned


Under the provincial Motor Vehicle Act, any vehicle parked on a street more than 24 hours is considered to be abandoned, and can be towed.

How far do you have to park from a crosswalk or intersection?


When choosing a parking spot on a City of Saint John street, how far does the vehicle need to be from a crosswalk or intersection?

What is the Transportation Association of Canada?


The City of Saint John’s Traffic By-Law and the provincial Motor Vehicle Act provide the legal framework for the movement of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists through the City. But what determines the signage, the width of sidewalks and all the other pieces that complete the driving experience?

Do you know where crosswalks are located?


Could you identify all the crosswalks in your neighbourhood? Here’s a hint: They’re not necessarily marked with paint.

Know the “rules of road”


The “rules of the road” for pedestrians and motorists in Saint John come from the Province of New Brunswick’s Motor Vehicle Act. The City of Saint John’s Traffic By-Law provides additional regulations for the streets, from parking to speed limits.

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