Do you know where crosswalks are located?


Could you identify all the crosswalks in your neighbourhood? Here’s a hint: They’re not necessarily marked with paint.

While many crosswalks are marked (particularly at intersections with traffic lights and signalized crossings), most of the city’s crosswalks are actually unmarked. Under the Motor Vehicle Act, there is a crosswalk at every street intersection and motorists are obligated to yield to pedestrians indicating they want to cross.

Pedestrians should watch for marked crosswalks at intersections – for safety reasons at some signalized intersections, certain crosswalks are preferred and only those crossings are marked. For example, only two of the three legs at the intersection of Church Avenue, Main Street West and Manawagonish Road are marked and signalized to allow the left turn from Church Avenue to Main Street West happen during the pedestrian crossing. This makes for a more efficient traffic movement, and for a safer crossing for pedestrians.

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