Updated Flood Information -- May 5, 2018


Saint John Emergency Management Organization (SJ EMO) warns that water levels continue to rise and are expected to continue to do so until at least Monday. It is possible that those living in affected areas along the St. John River and in areas identified in the evacuation map may lose power, water and sewer services. More residents will also be cut off and isolated as roads become impassable. First responders may not be able to reach those who require emergency services (fire, police and ambulance).

Randolph Bridge is now closed to all thru traffic. Police are stationed at the barricade. Those who live in the area and want to evacuate should call 911. Emergency services will be able to reach you before dark today.

Notice to residents along the Westfield Road: City crews, with help from Galbraith Construction, are in the process of building up the Westfield Road near Mellinger Crescent, in order to allow residents access to their homes. Based on revised projections, the water is not expected to reach the levels previously forecast. Engineers have determined the road can be temporarily built up to allow for normal residential traffic until the water levels in the area begin to recede.

While the built-up road will allow continued uninterrupted access to the impacted neighbourhoods, there remains a risk of interruption of power, water and sewer services. Therefore, SJEMO continues to recommend residents in affected areas evacuate until conditions improve.

Truck traffic in the area is heavy at this time. Gravel is being added on top of the existing asphalt to raise a 150-meter section of the road by about one foot.
We hope to have the road built up by 8pm today. While the work is underway, flaggers will be in place, there may be traffic interruptions, and the Saint John Police Force will control access to residential traffic only.

SJEMO deployed three boats supplied by Cooke Aquaculture today to aid in the assessment of the situation along the banks of the St. John River. The boats have allowed SJEMO to acquire greater awareness of the situation. The boats will continue to be available to SJEMO in the event they are needed for emergencies.

Residents in the areas along the Westfield Road are once again strongly encouraged to consider evacuating. The road remains open at this time as SJEMO continues to monitor water levels in the area, with a focus on the section near Mellinger Crescent.

Saint John Water has constructed a clay berm around the Millidgeville Wastewater Treatment Facility to protect the facility from the floodwaters. The berm will help Saint John Water ensure the delivery of drinking water and sewer services to its customers.

Ten wastewater lift stations have been shut off and equipment has been removed to protect against potential damage. This will allow the utility to reinstall the equipment as soon as the water recedes.

It’s important to keep in mind the water level in the St. John River continues to increase. The water was at 5.5 meters Saturday morning and is expected to climb Sunday and Monday to approximately 6 meters.

Residents who have evacuated are urged to contact the Canadian Red Cross or report to the Carleton Community Centre to register. As of Saturday morning, 96 households (229 people) in Saint John have registered. Twenty-two individuals have been provided accommodations.

The Saint John Police Force has increased patrols within the isolated areas of the city.

Saint John Energy crews will continue to work through the weekend to respond to requests for service shutoffs. As of Saturday morning, 39 customers have been disconnected in the evacuation areas. Crews from Saint John Energy and SJEMO continue to make door-to-door visits to those in isolated areas and within the recommended evacuation areas.

The safety and security of residents and of SJEMO personnel and all emergency responders is our top priority.

Sand bag facilities are now available at three locations, with the addition of a new location at the KBM on Westfield Road location. The other locations are at the works depots at 406 Bay Street and 14 McIntosh Street.

For safety reasons, and out of respect for affected residents, those not living in the affected areas are urged to please stay away from any affected areas.  Residents are also advised to stay away and keep children away from the rising waters and to stay off the water.

Avoid boating, kayaking or any other activities as currents are strong and water may be deep and contaminated. Large quantities of debris are coming down the river and may be submerged.

Avoid the banks of waterways as they are extremely dangerous. Keep children away from flooded areas.

SJEMO has received countless offers of volunteer support from individuals, community groups and the city’s corporate partners. It is a testament to the generous spirit in our community. We ask people to continue to help and support one another. We are making note of all offers and will reach out as needs are identified.

We wish to thank and acknowledge a number of community partners who have generously contributed to our ongoing efforts, including JDI, Irving Oil Limited, Cooke Aquaculture, Canadian Tire, New Brunswick EMO, Emera New Brunswick, Arrow Construction, Galbraith Construction, the Canadian Red Cross and all members of the SJEMO response team.

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