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Updated Flood Information – Tuesday, May 8, 2018



Water levels have peaked and are expected to slowly drop over the next few days

Saint John-EMO advises that the water level in the St. John River is expected to drop slowly and gradually over the next few days.

City drinking water remains safe to consume; private wells may be compromised

There has been no disruption to the drinking water system for Saint John Water customers. Monitoring and testing is ongoing and tests have shown that the water remains safe to drink.


New Brunswick EMO has advised private wells may be compromised and residents should not consume the water until the wells have been tested. More details about testing are available from the provincial Department of Environment and Local Government.


The integrity of the Millidgeville Wastewater Treatment Facility has been maintained, along with service to customers. The clay berm installed last week is holding back the water.

The sewage system has been impacted; specifically ten lift stations were taken off line last week to reduce damage caused by flooding. Residents are warned there is a high level of risk associated with flood waters. These include turbidity, floating debris and sewage, high currents and unknown depths. New Brunswick EMO has warned residents in flooded areas that the floodwater in Southern New Brunswick could be contaminated and pose health risks.


Four public parks closed due to flooding, possible contamination

Four public parks outside the isolation zones have been closed due to flooding. We understand the appeal of these parks, especially given the warmer weather. Unfortunately, the flood waters have created uncertainty about the depth of water, the integrity of playground equipment and possibility of contaminated water in these parks. Residents are asked to observe the posted signage and not enter the following parks at this time:

  • Robertson Square (North)
  • Tucker Park (North)
  • Lower Shamrock Park (North)
  • Dominion Park (West)

The public will be notified when the parks reopen.

Support Service

Horizon Health Network is offering telephone support to any resident who is experiencing emotional distress or who is in a mental health crisis or who may require an in-home assessment by a mental health professional. Please call the Mobile Crisis Service 1-888-811-3664 between 8am and midnight. 


If you just need a listening ear any time of the day or night, please call the Provincial CHIMO toll free help line at 1-800-667-5005. They provide a confidential anonymous service 24 hours a day.

Looking ahead

We are still dealing with water that is above flood level. It is expected to slowly recede and we continue to urge caution around the water. 

SJ-EMO has begun planning for the initial recovery phases. There is a lot to consider and plan for. Additional information will be provided as the recovery plans unfold.

The main priority is to open roads once the water levels have receded, in order to provide access to residents and to emergency vehicles. It is important to note that roads will only be open after they have been inspected and deemed safe. A lack of water on the road does not ensure it is safe.

Road closures

Fifteen roads are being monitored with many of them closed at this time. Updates are provided on our mobile app (www.saintjohn.ca/riverwatchsj) and City website.

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